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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Angry Mom

Our daughter came home 8 months ago today (5/4/2012). It has changed our family dynamic to say the least.  I am working on my behavior toward all of my children.  I want to be a kind, gentle, loving mother at all times.  I am striving toward this goal.

I am getting better at controlling my anger, but I haven't mastered it yet.

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine told me that I needed to listen to Dr. James Dobson's message on Family Talk.  It was actually about the Nation and how we've turned from God.  The messages before that subject was about being an angry Mom.

If you've been overwhelmed by being a Mommy sometimes, I encourage you to listen to the programs on April 30 and May 1 titled, "Help for Angry Moms Part I and Part II." 

I need a ther"mom"meter.

Happy listening.

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