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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation Day 5 - Madly Missing My Kids

This morning we woke up and Shawn took a walk on the beach while I blogged. 

Then we left and went to Topsail Hill Preserve.  We hiked about a mile to the beach.  We walked along the beach for a while and then Shawn decided to go in.  I went in with him. 

The water is so clear here, that it is easier for me to go out farther.  If anything is coming at you, you are going to see it.

I told him that it is amazing that the water is so clear.  It has to be dirty.  Just think of the amount of whale poop in it, not to mention spit.  It is not good to get seawater in your mouth.

We ate lunch at Panera Bread.  It was SO good.  I had chicken tortilla soup and a half turkey sandwich.  Shawn ordered a blueberry scone, so I ate half of it also.

Then we headed back to the hotel and went swimming again.  We had bought an umbrella and a boogy board.  The waves were getting bigger, so we were beat by the time we were done swimming.   Then we lazily, laid on the beach under our umbrella.  It was very nice and beautiful.

I told Shawn that I missed the kids.

We then went up to shower and ordered pizza delivery.  We took the pizza down to the deck behind the hotel. We were enjoying our meal when I started hearing, "Help.  Help.  HELP!"  My first thought was, "Is someone messing arround or does someone REALLY need help?"   
I was looking out toward the sound, but could only see 3 people in the ocean. 

Shawn said, "Stay here and watch the stuff."

I didn't obey.  I followed him down to the beach ready to do CPR if I needed to.

There was probably about 20 people along the shore by this time and about 7 people in the water.  The 3 original people yelling for help were in the water caught in a rip current.  The wind was really blowing by this time and the waves were the biggest we'd seen since we got here.

Finally, the 2 women and the men were able to get out with the help of their volunteer rescuers.  It was scary for a minute.  I am thankful that no one was hurt.

We finished our meal and went back to our room.  We rented a movie because there are free movie rentals at the hotel.  We saw "The Vow."  This got me in a very thankful for my blessings and I really miss my kids even more mood.

After the movie was over, I went to the bathroom and cried because I didn't want to upset Shawn and ruin the vacation.  My heart was missing them badly. I have missed each one of them individually at some point or another on this trip, but at this particular moment, I was crying for my Owen.

So, I have been telling myself this entire vacation that, "The kids will be fine.  They are having there own adventure."

 My sister called at 10:00 pm and told me that Owen was missing us and cried twice.  We skyped with them for a good 30 minutes.    That made my heart feel better.  To hear my daughter say, "My Momma.  My Daddy."  To see their smiling faces.  To hear that Owen was writing a message and say that he missed us, loved us, and that we were the best parents.  To see that Liam had on his sister's Mickey Mouse pajamas.  To see Aiden's hair cut the way he likes it.

I love you.  Each and every one of my kids.

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  1. Mama's need a break but it is so hard to leave them. Enjoy every moment left on your alone trip. The chaos will be at the door to greet you when you get home......four cute little monkeys!