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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Embarassin Moments at the Asian Market

We went to the Asian market yesterday.
First, Owen said, "Is everyone in here Mexican?". I said, "No, honey they're Asian."
Then I needed some help figuring out how to make the plum tea because the instructions were written in Korean. I asked the man working there, "Do you speak English?"

I am not sure if I should have asked, "Do you speak Korean?" Because he could have been Japanese and I was asking him to read Korean.

THEN as I check out, the NICE young man bows to me as a show of respect to an elder. I of course am so honored that I bowed my head back. I hope he wasn't offended.

All I can say is that it was very intimidating going to the market. I will venture back there again some day, but next time I'll have done a little more research first.

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  1. Such a cute story! :)

    BTW... thanks for the shout out on the Holt BB. I only peep in every so often now, but a friend saw you posted concern for me with regards to EPs and sent me the link.

    Glad all is going well with Faith and your family!

    K-Leigh (aka Soapy Seltzer)