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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Child Choked

I want to praise God this morning.  My daughter was eating fruit snacks last night before bed.  Our daughter tends to stuff her mouth too full at times.  Having another child that is a picky eater, who takes the smallest bites I've ever seen, I surprise myself when I actually direct someone to take smaller bites. 

I was busy around the kitchen cleaning up a bit, watching the littles out of the corner of my eye eating their snack.  I heard her gurgling.  I looked into her eyes and I said, "Get it up."

I know, nice encouragement, but what do YOU say? 

She then gurgled again attempting to get air in her airway and her eyes were watering.  I thought, "O.k., time to do something."

She was strapped into a booster seat because if we don't strap her in she doesn't sit still.  I don't remember undoing the strap. 

All I remember is feeling so calm and grabbing her up, turning her upside down and smacking her on the back.  I was also thinking, "She's almost 2, is this the right way to do the Heimlich for her age?  Then I said to myself, who gives a crap about technique as long as she doesn't choke any more and she doesn't get hurt further."

I smacked her back again and, "CCCCGAK" one red dislodged fruit snack with drool and one blue fruit snack that was in her mouth ready to be eaten landed on the floor.

I then hugged her and tried to reassure her that I really wasn't trying to hurt her, but trying to avoid something worse from happening to her.  She had tears in her eyes and then proceeded to finish her snack with direct supervision. 

I wonder in life how many times God has to intervene with us in this way.   We have to suffer a little bit or something worse might happen.

All I can say is that it was all God.  I am a nurse by trade and I am NEVER that calm in an emergency situation.  I acted quickly without hesitation.  I wasn't even shaking after it was over.  It was all a miracle.  I praise HIM that she is safe and playing with a phone right now.

I encourage you to take CPR and first aid.  I don't know what I would have done without that knowledge (even if it wasn't perfect technique).

God Bless!


  1. So Scary! We have been there and done that too. Ella got too much goldfish crackers and it was lodged in her throat. I had to finger sweep and was able to dislodge it. I have always wondered after taking CPR for 15 years what I would do in the situation and I realized in the moment you just do it without a second thought. YES! Everyone needs to be certified! Glad your girlie is ok.

  2. Glad she's OK. Happened to Shu two days in one week...he's a food crammer too.