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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The littles are having the biggest difficulty adjusting to their new lives.  Faith does not like to share Mommy with Liam.  Liam thinks that he needs to boss Miss Faith around, so that she can walk the line.

Today, Faith was crying and Liam's way of comforting her is "Ssshh,"  saying it so forcefully that he spits in her face.  I am constantly trying to keep my guard up between the 2 of them because there is a lot of physical contact.  It's not positive physical contact either.  Hitting, pushing, kicking and biting is what I have to protect them both from.

We had a breakthrough today though.  Liam has been sick with a fever (probably caused by stinking seasonal allergies).  I had him lying on the floor and was taking his temperature.  I was stroking the side of his head.  Faith was watching.  I asked her if she could stroke his head.  She stroked his head. 

I said, "Poor Liam, he is sick." 

She then kissed him 4 times.  Each time she kissed him, he whimpered.  I asked, "Liam, are you scared?" 

He said, "(whimper, whimper) Yes."

I said, "O.k., Faith, that is enough."

How this girl understands me is beyond my understanding, but she understood the entire dialogue.  There is no way she understands English.  She understands body language. :)

I have tried to capture 2 different moments in the last couple of days for pics.  It is really difficult to capture a toddler as busy as she is.  I'll post pics when I can.

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