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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rainbows in the Clouds

Let's start with Friday.  Friday was an extremely hard day for me.  There was no news about our adoption (nor did anyone else hear from the Korean side of things) for an entire week.  When you hear no news, it is hard to fathom what is going on half a world away.  My heart was so heavy.  Then my son came home from church camp and our pastor's wife was there.  She said,"It's one more day until we get Faith home." 

I hugged her and held her tight and bawled on her shoulder.  I was broken and I surrendered to the pent up sadness I had and it ALL came out.  What a healing balm she was for me!  Thank you Miss Debbie!

After that, we had friends over on Saturday evening and just enjoyed ourselves as a few families together.  My best friend (of which one of her daughters is considered a sister by my middle son and another daughter who my 2 year old gets jealous of when I pay attention to her), my other best friend (who happens to be the mother of a very dear boy who I got to take care of for a big portion of Saturday), and another couple who are dear to us.  All of these couples go to our church.  That's called communion and fellowship.  Living life together.

I want to thank all the prayer warriors out there that have prayed for us on this journey.  I could feel your prayers especially the last few days.

Yesterday morning I was driving to work.  There were clouds in the west and sunshine in the east.  There was a tiny partial rainbow.  My heart leaped.  The PROMISES of GOD!  You see, I don't get to see many rainbows because our house is surrounded by trees, so when I see a rainbow I get excited.  I knew we were going to get good news because once this rainbow disappeared, I saw another 1/2 rainbow.  I almost had tears of JOY in my eyes.

A few hours later the good news was that Emigration Permits (EP) were submitted for the next batch of children (To clarify:  The children who would travel in the next batch after us.  The pattern for this year is the EP's were submitted for the first batch, then the next batch of children would be submitted followed by EP approvals for the first batch, then repeat the pattern).  That means our baby should have her EP approval soon.   I am excited!  We have movement.  So then when I heard the news that EP's were submitted, I couldn't get a hold of anyone.  Not my dh, not my Mom, not my SIL.  I finally got a hold of my MIL.

Well, until the next news.
God Bless YOU!

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  1. beautiful post! Can't wait to see your gotcha day pics :)