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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Bucket List

The other day, I was arguing with my husband (oh, yes, we all argue from time to time, don't lie).  I told him through tears that I don't even know what would be on my bucket list. 

I am thankful to God that I have a passion for Jesus. 

I am sure over the years (if God grants me to live more than today), I will add to this list, but this is what I have come up with so far.

1)  Travel to South Korea with my entire immediate family (that would be 6 of us).  
2)  Help someone pay for their adoption  (I would LOVE to completely pay for another family's adoption).
3)  Lead people to Jesus (especially my children).
4)  Be a powerful prayer warrior.
5)  Visit Israel/Jerusalem
6)  Laugh more daily (I'm way too serious).
7)  Figure out my spiritual gift (so I can focus the most energy toward it) to GOD be the glory
8)  Work as a nurse for only room and board for those in great need (in a way I've done this already at church camp x 3, but I would like to do it for a longer period of time)
9)  Tell everyone that I love that I love them and grow in love for the ones that I find difficult to love.
10)  Wash a strangers feet (wash several stranger's feet). 
11)  Surrender my everything for God's work.  That includes trusting HIM from my little toes to the top of my head.
12) Serve widows
13) Write and teach a Bible Study
14)  Be a Christian mentor
15)  Memorize several chapters of the Bible starting with 2 Peter 3

Ok, I've got 2 kids wrestling me, so I'll have to finish this later.  They are more important right now anyway.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome list. We've taken a huge leap and started the process again. We could use a ton of prayers so that will help with #4. And I'd be willing to help you check off #2 too (that's where most of our prayers go, how in the heck are we going to pay for this)!