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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally, Some Adoption News

So I am a little slow about this post.  I have been tired from working full-time and having a family.  I come home and I am like a zombie.  Thank God for my SIL, who came over yesterday to take care of my kids and she cleaned our house.  What a fantastic gift!

Now EP news.  We weren't submitted and I was completely o.k. with that.  I was excited to see EP news for several reasons 1) they were notified 2 weeks after they were submitted, so there is a shorter wait until they are approved and a shorter wait until the next batch is submitted, 2)  EP's are moving  3) We are getting closer to getting to hold our preciousness in our arms. 

I-600 news:  we were APPROVED to bring our baby girl into the U.S.A.  This wait only took 15 days from them receiving it until we were approved.  We were notified Wednesday.

Overall, I am overjoyed about the progress of these two things.  On the other hand, I hope to see MANY more adoptive parents traveling in May.  This month was pretty slow for those types of calls.  I hope to see a TC explosion.

I pray that my friend Cindy travels to pick up there little boy in the next 2 weeks.  They have waited so long.

Praise God for the gifts He gives.  Bless you!


  1. Congrats on I600 approval! and Happy Easter!

  2. Yay! I600! Your EP is right around the corner!