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Saturday, June 15, 2013

40th Birthday Chronicle

I chronicled my 40th birthday in pictures.  It was a fantastic day.  I was hoping to have a large party for my birthday, but we just didn't have time with all that is going on.

Drinking coffee listening to the birds.

My partner in listening to the birds and everything else.  

Read part of this book.

Read the Bible.

Did a very small amount of sewing.  I needed a bag for the swimming pool vacuum.

This was my birthday present.

Aiden wanted to make a pie for my birthday.  It was delicious.

My birthday day wore her out.

Had the pool boys clean the pool.

Before, I folded clothes.
After I folded.

Enjoying the pie.

Dropped Aiden off for football camp. He's in the blue shirt.

Went to prayer meeting.

This is me overjoyed to be going to:

Shawn surprised me and invited my best friends and some of my family members to eat with us.  I had no clue that he planned this for me.
My best friend with her husband and one of her children.

My sister and her youngest son.

One of my brothers.

My Dad and my niece.

And me to prove I was there.

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