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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where in the World Have We Been?

Here is a little hint:

This is one of my favorite times on the beach.  We were all sitting and playing in the sand.  I was blowing bubbles using the wind.  It was a time for peaceful chaos.  I loved it.

She loves to be thrown up into the air. 

 This is one of my beautiful cousins playing with Faith while on vacation.

 After a long outing on the beach, it was time for a snack.  A nap followed.

I want to praise God for allowing us to go on this trip.    It was an answer to a prayer. 

I will give you the short version (keep in mind that these things took place in about a months time):
I had a dream that our family would be going on a vacation for $280/person.
I told God, I wanted to get my prayer life in line with Shawn's.  I was feeling like I had been selfish only looking at what God wanted for our family from my point of view.
I asked Shawn what he wanted me to pray for.
Shawn wanted to go to the beach. I didn't pray for it at first, it took me a couple of days (and going to Revival at church) before I was ready to pray for it. At Revival that Evangelist said, "Pray for the impossible. (See Luke 18:27).

I decided to pray for the impossible with man.  I want to go to a spectacular beach with my dear husband.  Keep in mind that his salary meets the basic needs and wants of our household.

Frontier Airlines had a special for $8/one-way ticket from Kansas City to Houston (Galveston is only 1 hour from the airport).  With charges, taxes, and fees our tickets for 4 (because Faith is still a lap ticket for a few more months) was $114.  So we decided to go down to the Galveston area to the beach. Shawn drove the car with one of the bigs to and from because it would have cost us $600 to rent a car because of car seats and such.

Thirteen years ago Shawn and I traveled to Houston for the first time to visit MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center (In April 2012, he'll be cancer free x 13 years).  Thirteen years ago, I worked for a man in Lawrence, Kansas.  I had to quit this job because we were going to be in Houston for 4 months.  This man that I worked for 13 years ago was on the flight back from Houston.  It was great catching up. 

So here is your statistical question for the day:  What is the chance out of more than 7 billion people that live on the earth that the man I worked for 13 years ago would be on the same flight back from Houston to Kansas City?

There are other details about the flight home and in what has happened in the last month that I am leaving out that still leave me in AWE of God, but those details are too personal to our family.   Let me just say that if it is God's will, we will be going to a spectacular beach.  Just the two of us. According to God's plan.

Anyway, I am going to continue to pray for the "possible with God".  I hope you will too because miracles are way better than ordinary life.

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