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Monday, October 10, 2011

Praise God for Mundane Days

When we were waiting for Faith to come home, I had a woman comment to me that she would take the rollercoaster over the merry-go-round any day.   A few days after I read that comment, there was a woman who has a daughter that has brain cancer that posted on her blog that she can't wait to get off of that merry-go-round.  Oh, how my heart aches for her.

I praise God for mundane days.  For those days that my children and I can go outside and have no worries.  Where we can take a moment and watch while a leaf from our big trees slowly spins and floats silently to the ground.  Where I am not rushed and neither are they.

We had a bit of a scare and a not so mundane night Friday night.  All four children wanted to lay down with me in Faith's bed.  Her mattress is thankfully on the floor.  We had shut all the lights off.  Liam put his pillow next to me.  I was trying to read my Bible on my phone.  The next thing I know I hear a bump (I thought he fell off the bed, but was later told by Aiden that he jumped).   He then started crying, you know the cry where you know that they're really hurt.  So I jump up and turn on the light.  Blood is dripping out of his mouth onto him, the bed, and the floor.  I grabbed him up and ran to the bathroom.

I told Aiden to go get me some ice.

I looked in his mouth and asked him,  "Did you bite your tongue?"

Tearful, "Yes."

"Did you bite your cheek?"


"Did you knock your teeth out?"


I knew that the blood was coming from somewhere, but couldn't quite see where.   I could see there weren't any teeth out of place, no cheek bites, no tongue blood.  Of course I'm panicking.  I yelled, "Aiden, please bring me a flashlight that works."    (Guess what I want for Christmas?)

Keep in mind that Liam is my child that doesn't like to open his mouth even for brushing his teeth.  I look in the back of his mouth and there is a hole a little larger than a dime in the back of his mouth (soft pallet).  I then yell at him in my panicky mother tone, "DID YOU HAVE SOMETHING IN YOUR MOUTH?" 

Head nodding, "Yes."

I run into Faith's room to look at the toys on the floor and there is this plastic, molded together french fries pack with blood on it.  I was angry at the situation.  I have had a fear that Faith would get hurt somehow since she came home.  She's clumsy.  I have been telling Faith since she has been in our care to keep things out of her mouth. 

I said, "We need to go to the ER."   

When I was a little girl they had this "911" episode with this child on it where he had ran with a toothbrush and it got lodged in the back of his throat, so something like this has been a big fear since then.

So we called Aunt J and Uncle S and asked if they could take care of the 3 that weren't injured.  Thank God they live close. 

Car seats are a great invention until you want one out quickly.  Once we dropped off the kids, I sat next to Liam and held his hand.  I think he gave me more comfort than I gave him because I got car sick (luckily didn't throw up, but ill all the same).

We got to the ER and I asked the tech to give me a cold, wet wash cloth and tears start coming down my cheek because I can't handle worrying about my boy and myself at the same time.  You know mad that I'm sick and scared and trying to be the caretaker at the same time. 

They got him all checked over.  While the Doctor was looking in his mouth, I noticed there wasn't one hole, but 2.  The 2nd one was on the right side and it wasn't as bad as the left.  They took 2 xrays to make sure it hadn't gone into the sinuses (nasal cavity).    Thank God it was just a soft pallet laceration and it would heal over in a couple of days.  We are to follow up with his family Dr.

Then we went to pick up Faith at Aunt J and Uncle S because we were worried that she would be scared not waking up at home.   We left the 2 other boys there.

I praise God that it wasn't worse, and for Faith transitioning easily, and for family close by, and for cold-wet wash cloths, and for Aiden that he found a flashlight QUICKLY in the heat of the moment, and for Owen who usually takes 5 minutes to put on his shoes was in the car WAY before Mommy got there, and for the 2 older boys grabbing there jackets.

But most of all, today,  I praise God for the mundane days that He gifts us.

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