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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Broken Clock

In our Sunday School Class we had a clock that was broken.  We replaced it with a new clock and new batteries.  That clock 2 weeks after it was hung is now also broken and showing the same time this week as it was last week: 12:00.

Seems like our adoption journey is sort of like our clock.  We are stuck.  We are stuck between EP submission and EP approval.  I keep counting down the days and more days were added back onto my clock today.  I don't even know how to count now.

Time will go on and eventually, I will be traveling to Seoul to hold my daughter in my arms.  She will be 18 months old in August.  I hope and pray that nothing else is held up in this process.


  1. I heard the news from the forum and my heart breaks for all who have referrals. It is just not fair! I know the wait is so hard and when you get one more bump in the road it just stinks and stresses a mama out! Tonight I will pray you get approved the first week of July and you will be on your soon after. Also praying for the ministry and that they will do whats best for these babies.